Chairmans Page :

Brief history of the Society:

Vikas Educational Society was established in the year 1997 involving eminent scholars with a aim of promoting technical/ professional education in this industrially backward area of Andhra Pradesh, besides other service oriented activities taken up by the society since inception. The society started with a recognized junior college in the 1997, functioning effectively with good results and setting records. As there is no professional Pharmacy course in this district, the society started both Degree courses in Pharmacy from the year 2004, with aim to cater the needs of prospective students to prosecute their studies in pharmacy. The office barriers of the society is as follows.

Smt.I.Jyothi (President):

A graduate, belonging to a official family with an intention to serve the people by extending higher technical education in different areas.

Smt. B.Sowdamani (Correspondent & Secretary):

A graduate belonging to educated family with a motto to serve the poor by extending benefits of different government programs to the rural people. She is also serving the people as Municipal Councilor in the Srikakulam municipality.

Smt.B.Lakshmi (Treasurer):

A graduate, belonging to political family with an intention to serve the people by educating the people about health and hygiene.

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